AHC Live @ The Clubhouse, 01.22.12


American Head Charge live at The Clubhouse in Tempe, AZ… Special thanks to Kevin O’Donnell of the band Psyphen for contributing these pics.

AHC Live @ NAMM, 01.20.12


American Head Charge live at NAMM, 01.20.12, at The Juke Joint in Anaheim, CA…

West Coast Tourette Rehearsal


A handful of pics taken by Mimi as the band rehearsed for their West Coast Tourette…

Cameron takes some pics at rehearsal


Some pics taken during rehearsal by lead singer Cameron Heacock…

Headed to rehearsal…


Mimi w/Cameron and Justin of American Head Charge on the way to rehearsal two nights before NAMM

Exclusive Day by Day Coverage…


Starting January 19th, check back daily for our on-the-road coverage of American Head Charge during their west coast tourette. That’s 9 shows, 10 days and over 2000 miles of AHC ; exclusive photos, videos, stories, audio… Here and only here @ Show & Tell Rock.s. Music from the inside out.

AHC @ Croc Rock, 07.29.05


AHC live at Crocodile Rocks in PA, 07.29.05

AHC @ The Sets, 06.15.07


AHC live at The Sets in Arizona, 06.15.07…

AHC @ The Starland Ballroom, 02.20.05


AHC live at The Starland Ballroom in NJ, 02.20.05