Chad Hanks on picking a set list…


Picking a set list this time around was quite difficult. We always start out with this over-ambitious, 2 hour Bruce Springsteen set, which lasts for about 3 shows until we wise up and cut 4 or 5 of them. But trying to give our albums equal time while also including 4 new songs and a cover was a hard balancing act. There’s always going to be songs that I want to play (or the crowd wants to hear) that unfortunately won’t make the cut. It is the nature of beast.

Crowd response to brand new songs they’ve never heard is always strange to witness, at least from the stage. The overall energy level drops, but at the same time becomes more cerebral; they’re paying attention and soaking it in. It is a very different feeling to play “Sand” as opposed to “Loyalty”. I have to remind myself that these crowds don’t know our new songs, especially when they end on a dime and the silence becomes deafening until they realize the song’s over!

Thank You,
Chad Hanks

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